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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Whilst I was sleeping

Whilst I have been sleeping during the day, (I was working nightshifts over the weekend), the Haddock Girls (Mrs & Juniorette) have been very busy. Sunday was the first advent, so the house has been decorated with all the Christmas trimmings. But this year we have decided not to have a tree as our two cats Mickey and Minnie would undoubtedly wreck it.

The Haddock Girls have visited the Christmas Market already, and the Juniorette picked up a dancing, saxophone playing Santa to add to the decorations. She is really proud of it as she bought it from her saved up pocket money. The Juniorette also had rides on the carousel and the big wheel (which isn't that big). Amongst all this they even found time to go sledging whilst I was snoring.

Mrs Haddock has been super efficient this year and has virtually completed all Xmas shopping. I even plan to send Xmas cards this year (as I plan every year!) - but this year I actually intend to do it!


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