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Monday, November 14, 2005

They have to be fooking kidding!

We have returned from our weekend in the Black Forest and Mrs H. has just returned from a shopping trip into town. She returned with some bank statements , and boy were we surprised!
We applied for the second round of world cup 2006 tickets which are being drawn this month (we failed to secure any in the first round). The lucky participants will find out in May when they have been successful in the second round.

So imagine our surprise when FIFA have booked €565 off our account. Apparently they keep the money until May, and give you back the money if you don't get tickets you applied for. What a rip off. I can only guess how much money they make in interest from holding everyones money for 6 month.

I just hope we don't tickets for all the games we applied for. I like football.......but I am not fanatical about it. (Note to self - never let Mrs Haddock order tickets online again.)


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