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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Too Knackered to blog

Well I'm back at work and now have time to do blog related stuff. I never found the energy or the time in my days off to do so.

Saturday was a crappy shift at work. The train home was late and full of very noisy and annoying Eintracht Frankfurt fans. So on returning home and feasting at the Haddock banquet table, I decided to track down and consume all Prosecco that I could find in the cellar. Jolly good fun, but then Sunday was a nothing day. Nothing happened. I didn't want anything to happen. But I did find out what was good for a hangover.......apparently it's drinking heavily the night before!

Mrs Haddock had a day off from work on Monday, so we filled the day with various exciting tasks as shopping and cleaning the house.

Tuesday brought glorious weather, which meant a day in the garden in a T-shirt doing various tasks that I wasn't going to do until spring. I built a rockery.......minus the plants! - it's just rocks at the moment. I nicked then from the local farmers field. I suppose I'm doing him a favour really. Then I mowed the lawn again, and did a general tidy up. I was too knackered to blog.

Today's Wednesday and I got up at 6am this morning. Ideal preparation for a night shift me thinks. So I am still knackered but able to blog - sort of!

PS - I saw 4 species of Butterfly yesterday.


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