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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Lederhosen aus

Zieht den Bayern die Lederhosen aus, Lederhosen aus, Lederhosen aus!

Yesterday Werder Bremen beat Bayern Munich 2-0 in the final of the Ligapokal (League Cup). This is the first time that Werder have won this cup, and both goals were scored by Ivan Klasnic (shown above wearing Green/White). The Haddock household are very happy about this result as we are all Bremen fans. It is of course all the sweeter that the victory was against Scheiß Bayern!

Zieht den Bayern die Lederhosen aus, Lederhosen aus, Lederhosen aus!

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Blogger Karen said...


"scheiß-Bayern" *giggle* ;-)

August 06, 2006 8:08 AM  
Blogger Maribeth said...

Glad to hear that Soccer lives on, even after the World Cup!

August 06, 2006 1:41 PM  
Blogger Kieran said...

What are the Germans doing playing the League Cup final at the beginning of the season? They want their kopfs looking at.

August 07, 2006 4:24 PM  
Blogger Bob Gentry said...

it's so weird that "football" [soccer] never really caught on's such a great sport!
Basically it's like Hockey with no ice and quite a bit less clothes

be sure to let me know what day your birthday is so i don't forget buddy!

August 07, 2006 9:23 PM  
Blogger Haddock said...

Karen - Yeah the north/south football divide is quite funny! :)

Maribeth - It certainly lives on in the Haddock household :)

Kieran - It's a bit weird having the league cup at the start of the season and the competition only consists of the top 6 teams from the previous Budesliga season :)

Bob - Maybe it will catch on one day! August 11th is my getting older day :(

August 08, 2006 12:13 PM  

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